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We focus on access to affordable HIV, TB and Hepatitis C medicines in middle-income countries (MICs). Middle-income countires have a dual burden – of high prevalance and high drug prices. Less than a third of the people in need of HIV treatment in these countries are currently able to access it.

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  • Argentina

    Argentina has around 126,000 people living with HIV, of which fewer than 70,000 people are on antiretroviral therapy. The high prices of drugs limits the number of people who can get treatment.

  • Armenia

    With a small population and low prevalence rates, universal access for HIV, Hepatitis C and TB should be easily achievable...

  • Bangladesh

    Country info coming soon.

  • Belarus

    Tackling unmerited patents and over-pricing to support the government’s goal of universal access. There were 19,000 people living with HIV...

  • Brazil

    In Brazil there are 780,000 people living with HIV, of which 405,000 are on HIV treatment. All patients get treatment free from the public health system which, as a result of the high price of drugs, is under severe strain.

  • El Salvador

    Turning commitments and targets into reality in El Salvador. El Salvador has a HIV prevalence rate of 0.6%. An estimated...

  • Georgia

    Working towards a sustainable approach for access to medicines in Georgia, particularly in light of the country preparing for Global...

  • Guatemala

    Campaigning for optimal and increased treatment coverage in Guatemala to improve quality of life, decrease new infections and reduce stigma...

  • Honduras

    Addressing gaps in data as a first step to securing essential medicines for people living HIV, Hepatitis C and TB....

  • India

    Over 2 million people are living with HIV in India. 1.7 million are registered in the antiretroviral program, and over 600,00 are on treatment.

  • Indonesia

    Country info coming soon.

  • Kazakhstan

    Ensuring Kazakhstan’s national response to HIV, Hep C and TB is ‘fit-for-purpose’ and affordable. An estimated 27,000 people are living...

  • Kenya

    Country info coming soon.

  • Kyrgyzstan

    Building on the country’s new laws and guidelines to achieve everyone’s right to essential medicines – and at a fair...

  • Moldova

    Moldova’s government has committed to universal access to health services following the withdrawal of Global Fund support. Over-priced medicines are...

  • Morocco

    Working towards an improved patent system, to achieve more affordable medicines in Morocco. We’re working to increase access to affordable...

  • Mozambique

    Country info coming soon.

  • Myanmar

    Country info coming soon.

  • Russia

    Working to close the significant treatment gap and see more people on optimal treatment in Russia. An estimated one million...

  • Thailand

    An estimated half a million people live with HIV in Thailand. Of these people almost 300,000 are on HIV treatment under a national health insurance scheme paid for by the government.

  • Uganda

    Country info coming soon.

  • Ukraine

    Ukraine has over 250,000 people living with HIV, of which around 61,000 people are on antiretroviral therapy. According to the National Treatment Program over 118,000 people will be receiving treatment by 2018.

  • Vietnam

    Patents on key HIV, Hepatitis C and TB drugs are preventing universal access in Vietnam. Our partner, VNP+, is advocating...

  • Zimbabwe

    Country info coming soon.