Millions of people die each year because essential drugs are overpriced. We’re working to bring down the price of HIV, Hepatitis C, TB and potential COVID-19 medicines. Together, we can make medicines affordable for all.

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Watch now: What's the problem?

Our animation shows how the pharma industry creates 'fresh' patents on old drugs.

In photos: Meet Jeed

20 years ago Jeed was planning his own funeral, now he's a prominent treatment activist.

Why do HIV drugs cost more than gold?

Clue: It's not because of research costs - that's just a convenient myth.

Treat COVID for $1 a day

All drugs being trialled in the treatment of COVID-19 could be mass-produced cheaply.

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TB toolkit

TB is preventable, curable and treatment has vastly improved. So why is it still the leading cause of death among people living with HIV?

The problem with patents

Over-patented and overpriced: How the HIV response is being undermined.

We can eliminate Hepatitis C

An activist toolkit for increasing access to optimal treatment.