Thailand rejects Fujifilm’s COVID-19 related patent request

This development is a significant success for civil society which has been urging the Department of Intellectual Property to take action to prevent further costs to the health budget – and more importantly human life.

Civil society, including our partner the AIDS Access Foundation, has been urging Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) to reject Fujifilm-Toyama’s patent applications on favipiravir, a drug used in the treatment of COVID-19.

During the pandemic the corporation has received increased orders from Thailand, yet still increased the cost, and there have been issues with supply.

The DIP has now rejected Fujifilm’s latest patent application for favipiravir, paving the way for local production and a more reliable and affordable supply. The country’s Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) is able to produce the drug which at a significantly lower cost.

Civil society and press attended the GPO to present the Deputy Director with a letter of support in moving forward with producing and affordable version of favipiravir © TNP+