Where we work

Make Medicines Affordable is a global campaign working in middle-income countries. After just three years, our work is now expanding into around 30 countries. Find more information on our focus countries and regions below.

Additional information on each of the countries we’ll be working in will be added later in 2018.

Why focus on middle-income countries?

Less than a third of the people in need of antiretroviral treatment in middle-income countries are currently able to access it.

By 2020, the vast majority of people living with HIV (87%) will be in high- and middle-income countries. Middle-income countries are home to almost half of the world’s population, and have a large and growing share of HIV infections (62%). They have even lower rates of antiretroviral treatment coverage than low-income countries.

One third of people living in middle-income countries survives on less than US$2 per day. Almost 6 million people in middle-income countries (excluding sub-Saharan Africa) need antiretroviral treatment. However, less than a third are currently able to access it.

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