Wake up, our children are dying: Sign the #KigaliDeclaration

“Pharma greed is killing HIV+ children”, this was the message that came through loud and clear during a silent protest in Kigali. 

Treatment activists took to the stage at the 20th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA 2019) to “demand affordable pediatric medicines now!”

The Make Medicines Affordable campaign, as part of ITPC, endorses the #KigaliDeclaration, which states that: “Our governments; PEPFAR; the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; the UN family; and pharmaceutical companies are failing children with HIV.”

The #KigaliDeclaration was born because children are dying.

It continues: “We are outraged that our children are dying without access to timely HIV diagnosis; durable, powerful, and affordable treatment; and community-led service delivery that ensure retention on treatment. We are outraged that our leaders are content to look away.”

The text (available in English in French) explains how globally, only 52% of children born exposed to HIV have access to an early infant diagnostic test within the first two months of their lives, and of those who are tested only 19% receive results in 30 days – a flagrant disregard for the World Health Organizations’ scientific guidance that no person should have to wait longer than four weeks for any diagnostic test result. In addition, HIV-exposed infants do not receive the long term care and follow up they require. 

The demands of the declaration include affordable prices for pediatric treatment, and a robust R&D plan for improved child-friendly treatment formulations; increased access to prevention, testing and treatment for mothers and mothers-to-be; early infant diagnosis; funding to achieve commitments made; and for all treatment to be optimal.

The #KigaliDeclaration was born because children are dying. Sign on as an organization or individual.