Summit for Vaccine Internationalism

At present rates, it will take 57 years to vaccinate the world against COVID-19. That is why Progressive International is convening ministers and officials from 10 countries – from Mexico to Vietnam, Kerala to Argentina – to develop a global vaccination plan to end the pandemic.

Progressive International is convening a Summit for Vaccine Internationalism from 18-21 June. Progressive governments from around the world are meeting to design a new global health system based on solidarity, not charity.

Participants include Rogelio Mayta, Foreign Minister of Bolivia, Carla Vizzotti, Health Minister of Argentina and Regla Pardo Angulo, Deputy Minister for Public Health in Cuba; along with political figures from the UK, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia and representatives from pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Global South.

They are coming together to explore solidarity commitments on tech sharing, licensing, manufacturing, and purchasing vaccines. You can see the full list of participants and more details on the site.

85% of vaccines that have been administered worldwide have been in high- and upper-middle-income countries. Only 0.3% of doses have been administered in low-income countries. At present rates, it will take 57 years to vaccinate the world.

The world can’t wait, we need #VaccineInternationalism and #MedicineEqualityNow

We support the Summit’s goals which are aligned with our new campaign – Medicine Equality Now!

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