Kenyan artists for Medicine Equality Now!

This Sunday, performances created and directed by an artist collective in Nairobi, Kenya will raise awareness of the need for Medicine Equality Now!

Spoken word, poetry, dance and music will be performed live this Sunday, 13 June, to raise awareness of medicine inequality.

When pharmaceutical corporations obtain monopolies, it enables the routine overpricing of essential medicines, vaccines and other health technologies.

Everyone has the right to health, but the global picture when it comes to accessing treatment and vaccines is unequal – as we are seeing with the availability of COVID-19 vaccines.

The artist collective, based at the Sanaa Centre have responded to these issues, creating a series of artworks, including street murals. The event is live this Sunday, and will be shared online after through videos and photos from the day.


Live performances including:


Sanaa Art Centre
Huruma Estate


Sunday 13 June 2021.
2pm – 4.30pm.