Join the #HIV2020 Activist Meeting – this Tuesday

Please join us at the HIV2020 Treatment Activist Meeting on Tuesday 6th October!
Register by Sunday 4th October.

  • The history of the HIV response highlights what can be achieved when we come together.
  • Faced with continually rising prices for new HIV medicines, co-infection medicines, and now the COVID-19 pandemic, we need this more than ever.
  • This meeting at HIV2020 presents an opportunity for treatment activists to share, learn and mobilize.

Despite some significant progress in increasing access to medicines, multifaceted barriers remain, preventing the international community from ending AIDS by 2030. For example, new ARVs and PrEP remain prohibitively expensive and we are failing to produce the medicines that people both living with and without HIV urgently need. The COVID-19 pandemic could push us even further back from achieving HIV treatment targets.

Bringing together a broad coalition of global civil society and community-led organizations, this session presents an exciting program for HIV2020. 

Free and open for all – the activist meeting will profile a series of ‘around the world’ regional activist presentations, along with discussions and debate. ITPC, and Make Medicines Affordable campaign partners from Brazil, India, Russia, Thailand and Ukraine, will present examples alongside STOPAIDS, Treatment Action Campaign, Public Citizen and more.

There will also be a series of plenaries and debates related to our response to COVID-19. What should our response as treatment activists be to the pandemic? What initial learnings can we take back for the HIV response?

Please join to hear from leading activists, join the debate, and shape the next steps for our movement.

Live translation will be provided in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.

Register for the @HIV2020 Treatment Activist Meeting by Sunday 4th October.

  • Tuesday 6 October.
  • 2PM BST / 6AM PDT
  • Free to join & open to all.