Editorial corrections: Pfizer’s NYT advert

Pfizer made 9.6 billion in net profit last year alone – 2021 is set to be an even more lucrative year.

Despite “bumper” pandemic profits, it is widely reported how Pfizer avoids paying its fair share of tax.

Pfizer has the ability to ensure the world is vaccinated equally – pharma corporations control who they supply to – but seven months after Pfizer announced the vaccine, building on decades of mRNA research, rollout continues to be grossly inequitable.

We are pro-science, anti-profiteering. 
Treatment activists have been fighting for vaccine equity – and progress is being made.
So much so, Pfizer took out a full-page ad in the New York Times, to disingenuously claim that equity already exists. So we’ve made some corrections.

Full text, with fact-checked references, below.

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Full text, with editorial corrections and sources.

See Pfizer’s misleading advert.

It’s our pot of gold.

Since the beginning of our race to make unimaginable profits, we’ve spent more than 2 billion dollars on advertising – to hide the fact that we don’t care about you or where you live, so long as we can overcharge your government.

Because there’s no point in creating vaccines unless all CEOs and shareholders can profit from them.

We’ve donated a fraction of the doses needed – a ‘charitable’ gesture to conceal our real motives – we will make it back by avoiding tax.

The U.S. supported a proposal to ensure more equitable access, we’re lobbying to try and stop the TRIPS waiver.

Treatment activists are one step closer to achieving vaccine equity – it’s a risk to our profiteering. That’s why we paid around $250,000 for this desperate advert.

We even trademarked a sentence.
Science Won’t Win while we stand in the way.

For everyone – by 2078 – with bumper profits.