17 July 2021

Lancet publishes an 80,388-person study of the extent and effect of COVID-19 complications among hospitalized patients. Overall, 49.7 percent (36,367/ 73,197) developed at least one complication – and they were  was most likely to occur in males and people over age 60 years. The most common complications were cardiovascular (12.3 percent or  8, 973 of 73,197); neurological (4.3 percent or 3115 of 73, 197); and gastrointestinal or liver (10.8 percent or  7,901 of 73,197). Source

• The UK’s Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, tests positive for coronavirus, just two days before England removes nearly all restrictions. Source  

• In France, thousands of people protest President Macron’s mandate that healthcare workers be vaccinated against coronavirus, and for obligatory “health passes” that demonstrate COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative test for entering restaurants and cafes. Source

• The US CDC and local health officials in Dallas are investigating a case of monkeypox, an unusual  and less contagious respiratory virus related to smallpox, in a traveler from Nigeria who is currently hospitalized in stable condition. The CDC and the Texas Department of State Health Services have interviewed the passenger, their close contacts, and people who were on the same flights although they think it is unlikely that anyone else was infected due to masking requirements. Source 

• Daily coronavirus cases reach 54,674 in the UK- the highest since the beginning of the year. Source 

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