27 March 2021

• In the UK, coronavirus deaths exceed 150,000 – and over a third of them occurred in 2021. Source
• Brazil -which is now reporting more new infections and deaths than any other country – surpasses 300,000 coronavirus deaths as 125 people die from COVID per hour. Source
• Argentina delays second coronavirus vaccine doses so that it can give a first dose to as many people as possible, in the hope of stopping variants from spreading. Source
• Facebook freezes Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s page for 30 days because he was spreading misinformation by promoting Carvativir, a product derived from thyme, as “miracle drops” that neutralize the coronavirus with no side effects. Source
• India is experiencing the highest rate of new coronavirus cases since October 2020; the country has curtailed coronavirus vaccine exports, imposed curfews and lockdowns in districts where cases are surging, and increased enforcement of mask requirements. Source
• The EMA approves vaccine production sites in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands and loosened regulations on ultracool storage for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, measures which will hopefully speed up vaccine production and distribution across Europe. Source

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