1 March 2021

• The New York Times reports that the P.1. variant, first identified in Brazil during December 2020 – which has since spread to 24 other countries – is more contagious and can escape antibodies from a previous infection with an older version of the coronavirus, leaving people vulnerable to reinfection. In addition, laboratory experiments indicate that CoronaVac, the vaccine available in Brazil, may be less effective against the P.1 variant, although it may remain protective against severe illness. Source 
• After facing increasing pressure for refusing to vaccinate Palestinians in its occupied territories, Israel announces that  it will inoculate Palestinians who have work permits – an estimated 110,000 people. Source
• AstraZeneca sells its 7.7 percent stake in Moderna (which forecasts revenue of $18.4 billion in 2021),  generating  $1.2 billion. Source

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