14 December 2020

• The US surpasses 300,000 coronavirus deaths. Source
• Africa’s CDC reports that two million people across the continent have recovered from coronavirus. Africa has surpassed 2.3 million cases and claimed more than 56,300 lives: there are 967,747 cases in Southern African, 826,425 in North Africa, 297,888 in West Africa, 218, 422 in East Africa and 68,612 in Central Africa. Source
• Eswatini’s Prime Minister, Ambrose Dlamin, has died from COVID-19. Source
• Singapore approves the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine; it plans to purchase additional vaccines from Moderna and Sinovac, which will cover the entire population by Q3 of 2021; all citizens and long-term residents will be vaccinated free-of-charge. Source
• The US plans to begin vaccinating high-risk healthcare workers this afternoon; it will stagger the schedule due to side effects. Vaccination of nursing home residents will begin next week. Source
• EU Council President, Charles Michel, announces that he expects approval of coronavirus vaccines in the coming weeks. The EU plans to begin vaccinations in all EU countries within a week to 10 days of each other to avoid leaving countries behind. Source

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