6 July 2020

• WHO warns that progress against HIV may be stalled by COVID-19-related disruptions in access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) and healthcare services. Overall, 73 countries have ART supply shortages; 24 of them – which are home to over 8 million people on ART – have critically low supply levels or have been experiencing stock-outs. Source
• New York Times reports that Moderna’s market cap has tripled, from $7 billion in February of 2020 to $23 billion; in addition to earlier government funding, BARDA has given the company $483 million to support late-phase development of its vaccine candidate. The Times notes that BARDA has also paid AstraZeneca $1,2 billion for 300 million doses of its vaccine candidate. Source
• After months of threats, the Trump administration notifies the United Nations that the US – a large source of financial support – will withdraw from the WHO as of July 2021. Source
• Mylan, who signed a VL with Gilead, receives regulatory approval to market Desrem, its generic version of remdesivir, for people hospitalized with severe COVID-19 in India. Source

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