24 August 2020

• In Hong Kong, researchers report the first confirmed case of SARS-Co-V-2 reinfection after sequencing two significantly different viruses in the same person- one from an initial infection in March, and another in August. The first infection caused mild symptoms; the reinfection was asymptomatic, prompting speculation that a strong immune response may prevent illness in people who are reinfected. Sources 1,2
• Researchers accuse the head of the US FDA, Dr. Stephen Hahn, of misrepresenting data to exaggerate the effectiveness of convalescent plasma. Dr Hahn corrects his remarks, calling the criticism “entirely justified.” Sources 1,2
• The United Nations announces that COVID-19 has gutted the international tourism industry; 100 million jobs are at risk, and the industry faces a revenue loss of $1.2 trillion. Source
• The first study volunteer in a phase I trial receives an experimental vaccine made in Italy by ReiThera. Source

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