19 September 2020

• A case of coronavirus reinfection, confirmed by laboratory testing, is reported in a 42 year-old man, who initially became ill on March 21; after he recovered, following a household exposure, he became seriously ill with a confirmed case of COVID-19 that was genetically different than the virus causing his initial illness. The authors speculated that his more serious illness might have resulted from a more pathogenic strain of the virus, exposure to a greater amount of inoculum, or immune enhancement. Source
• As Britain’s coronavirus cases nearly doubled within a week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering additional measures to stem the second wave. Source
• Following an outcry from public health experts – and the revelation that political appointees were responsible for the recent CDC coronavirus testing guidance rather than the Center’s own scientists – the CDC issued a revision, recommending testing for all close contacts of people with COVID-19. Source
• AstraZeneca releases its coronavirus vaccine trial protocol following demands for increased transparency. Source

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