22 September 2020

• Mexico surpasses 700,000 cases of coronavirus. Source
• Sinovac launches a phase III trial of its experimental coronavirus vaccine in Turkey, which wil begin by enrolling 1,300 healthcare providers, followed by 12,000 members of the general population. Source
• Information about coronavirus transmission via aerosols is removed from the CDC website; the agency says it was posted “in error,” diminishing confidence in the agency. Source • South Korea suspends its plan to provide no-cost flu shots to 19 million people after reports that the cold chain was broken during transport. Source
• Madrid expands its lockdown to add 16 more areas to the 37 initiated on Monday. Source
• FDA plans to announce more rigorous criteria for granting an EUA for coronavirus vaccines, asking that trial participants be followed for a median of 60 days after their second vaccine, and looking for at least five cases of severe COVID-19 among people who got the placebo as well as cases among older people, making it unlikely that a vaccine would become available before the US elections in November. source

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