26 September 2020

• A study suggests that the innate immune response among children and young adults (age less than 24 years) is more effective at fighting coronavirus than the adaptive immune response among adults. Source
• Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, announces that he will begin to allow provincial governors to Institute one-week lockdowns in areas where new coronavirus infections are increasing. Source
• The day after Britain announced its largest number of new coronavirus infections, thousands of unmasked demonstrators held a protest in central London about reimposed lockdown measures. Source
• China continues to administer experimental coronavirus vaccines to workers deemed essential and pharmaceutical company employees; it plans to vaccinate teachers, supermarket workers and people traveling to places with high infection rates next, in part to test willingness to be vaccinated. Source
• As new cases increase in Madrid and hospitals reach capacity, Spain’s national government calls for the city to go into lockdown. Source
• Public health experts predict that US daily coronavirus death toll could increase to 300,000 people by December 2020. Source
• The White House hosts what is later called a “super-spreader” event in the Rose Garden.

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