2 November 2020

• Duke University’s Global Health Innovation Center reports that 3.8 billion doses of potential coronavirus vaccines have already been sold to high- and middle-income countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom (who have already reserved more than enough doses for their entire populations), and the EU, which has purchased hundreds of millions of doses. This may leave poor countries without access to an adequate supply of vaccines for years, and may undermine the Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access Facility (Covax), which plans to equitably distribute 2 billion coronavirus vaccine doses by the end of 2021. Source
• The US CDC reports that pregnant women are at higher risk for severe COVID-19, more likely to require ventilation and at higher risk of dying than non-pregnant women with coronavirus – even after taking race, ethnicity, age and pre-existing conditions into account. Source
• Geneva goes into partial lockdown until November 29, with the closure of bars, restaurants and non-essential businesses as coronavirus cases surge. Source

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