16 November 2020

• Moderna issues a press release with interim results from its phase III, 30,000-person coronavirus vaccine trial (which included 7,000 people over age 65 years, 5,000 people with pre-existing conditions and 11,000 people from communities of color), reporting that mRNA-1273, was 94.5% effective. Of the 95 coronavirus cases among study participants, 90 (including 11 considered severe) occurred in the placebo group, versus 5 cases (none severe) among people who received the vaccine. Of these 95 cases, 15 were among adults ages 65 and over;12 cases occurred in Hispanic or LatinX people, 4 among Black or African Americans, 3 among Asian Americans and 1 in a multiracial person. The vaccine is well-tolerated; after the first dose 2.7 percent developed severe injection site pain; after the second dose, severe adverse events were: fatigue (9.7 percent); muscle aches (8.9 percent), joint pain (5.2 percent), headache (4,5 percent) and pain (4.1 percent), all generally short-term. Source
• A Moderna press release reports that mRNA-1273, its experimental coronavirus vaccine candidate remains stable at temperatures of 2° to 8°C (36° to 46°F) – that of standard home or medical refrigerators – for 30 days. The vaccine will stay stable at -20° C (-4°F) for up to six months, in a refrigerater for up to 30 days. and at room temperature for up to 12 hours – in contrast to the Pfizer vaccine candidate, which requires access-limiting, ultra-cool conditions. Sources 1,2
• A pre-print article reports that immunity to SARS-CoV-2 lasts for more than six months. Source

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