19 November 2020

• Russia exceeds two million cases of coronavirus. Source
• Africa’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announce that the continent has surpassed two million coronavirus cases. Source
• WHO announces that during last week, one person died from coronavirus every 17 seconds in Europe; although cases on the continent have begun to decline, from 2 million last week to 1.8 million, hospitals remain full and the death rate is increasing. Source
• Japan and Ukraine report their highest-ever daily coronavirus cases: 2,179 and 13,357, respectively. Source
• The UK National Health Service (NHS) announces plans for its largest-ever vaccination campaign, with plans to begin immunizing 22 million of most vulnerable people, followed by the rest of the population; it will enlist retired and non-clinical staff to deliver vaccines as of 1 December 2020. The country has made advance purchase agreements for 355 million vaccine doses currently in phase III (100 million from Oxford/AstraZeneca; 60 million from Novavax; 40 million from Pfizer/BioNTech; 5 million from Moderna), phase II (30 million from Janssen), phase I (60 million from GSK/Sanofi/Pasteur) and pre-clinical trials (60 million from Valneva). Source
• AstraZeneca announces that it hopes to have interim data from its phase III coronavirus before Christmas. Source
• After instituting a nation-wide lockdown, France reports a 32 percent decline in new coronavirus cases. Source

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