21 November 2020

• Coronavirus cases in the US surpass 12 million – less than a week after reaching 11 million. Source
• In Japan, Russia and Ukraine, daily coronavirus cases break records. Source
• The US FDA grants an EUA for Regeneron’s COVID-19 antibody cocktail (REGN-COV2; casirivimab and imedievimab) , recommending it for recently diagnosed, mild to moderate COVID-19 in people at high risk of falling seriously ill and/or becoming hospitalized. The recommendation is based on phase II clinical trial data suggesting that monoclonal antibodies have the greatest benefit after diagnosis and in people who have not yet mounted their own immune response or who have a high viral load. In the US, a government-funded allocation program will make the first 300,000 doses available to people at no charge (although healthcare facilities will charge to administer the infusion). Source

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