22 November 2020

• The virtual G-20 Summit closed with a communique vowing support for fair global distribution of affordable COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines, to ensure that poorer countries are not left behind, but it did not provide much in the way of specifics, stating: “…we fully support all collaborative efforts, especially the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A) initiative and its COVAX facility, and the voluntary licensing of intellectual property. We commit to addressing the remaining global financing needs, welcome the efforts made by the multilateral development banks to strengthen the financial support for countries’ access to COVID-19 tools, in line with existing multilateral efforts, and encourage them to do more.” Sources 1,2
• Italy reports the continent’s highest coronavirus death toll in November: 10,000 people, only 1.1 percent of them under age 50, have lost their lives. Source

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