23 October 2020

• Trials of two experimental coronavirus vaccines – one from AstraZeneca, which paused for six weeks, and one from J & J, which paused for 11 days, have resumed in the US after regulators determined that it would be safe for them to continue. Source
• The US reports over 85,000 cases of coronavirus, its highest-ever daily total. Source
• NIAID Director Dr Tony Fauci recommends that the US mandates mask wearing to slow the epidemic. Source
• Belgium announces additional restrictions, including making working from home mandatory when possible, due to an alarming increase in coronavirus infections among people over age 70 years. Source
• Roman Prymula, the Czech Republic’s health minister, was told by prime minister, Andrej Babiš, to resign or he would be fired after being caught without a mask leaving a Prague restaurant – which was open illicitly for VIPs – only hours after he imposed emergency coronavirus regulations. Source
• Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, says that the true number of cases in the country is three times higher than the official count of one million; as of October 24, people will only be able to socialize with other household members from midnight to 6 am. Source
• Poland announces that it will close gyms and swimming pools, cafes, bars and restaurants (except for take-out and delivery) and impose curfews; it has also asked people over age 70 to stay home. Source
• Nepal suspends access to Mt. Everest and other mountains in the region after a local resident is diagnosed with coronavirus. Source

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