4 July 2021

• Police in Mumbai have arrested 14 people and are continuing to investigate nearly a dozen private vaccination sites that have been giving people salt water injections instead of coronavirus vaccines, charging between $10 and $17 per dose. Over 2,600 people received injections of what they thought was Covishield at these facilities during the last two months. Police in the state of West Bengal are also investigating a vaccination scam. Source

• Britain reports nearly 25,000 daily cases of coronavirus. Source

• Mucormycosis – also called black fungus- has been reported in three COVID-19 patients in Afghanistan. The  bone- and tissue-eating fungus, which is fatal in more than 50 percent of cases, is likely due to unsanitary hospital conditions and overuse of steroids. Source

• The UAE becomes the world’s most-vaccinated country, having given 15.5 million doses, enough to cover 72.1% of its 10 million residents with a two-dose regimen. Source

• Moscow is now requiring residents to show a QR code to verify that they have been vaccinated, recently tested negative, or have recovered from COVID-19 before they can enter bars and restaurants. Only 2.5 million passes have been issued in a population of 12 million. Source

• Although WHO say evidence on ivermectin for preventing and/or treating COVID-19 is not conclusive, the antiparasitic drug is selling out in Indonesia. Source

• The veterinary pharmaceutical company Zoetis donated 11,000 doses of an experimental coronavirus vaccine developed for mink. The shots went to zoos, animal sanctuaries, universities and other animal conservation sites across the US, including Oakland’s zoo, where Dr. Alex Herman, the vice president of veterinary services said “It means a lot more safety for our beautiful animals,” said “Our very first animals to get vaccinated at the zoo were two of our beautiful and elderly tigers.” Source

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