5 June 2021

China authorized emergency use of CoronaVac in children as young as three, the first major country to do so. Source

Viet Nam grants emergency use approval for Sinopharm’s coronavirus vaccine, but people may be unwilling to take it due to a centuries-long, ongoing cultural antipathy towards China. So far, the country, which is dealing with a new variant and limited vaccine supplies, has vaccinated only one percent of its 98 million residents. Viet Nam has made a deal with Pfizer for 31 million doses of its coronavirus vaccine,  and is in talks with Moderna. It has already received 170 million doses from COVAX, AstraZeneca, Gamaleya Institute, and Pfizer. Source

China expands the lockdown in Guangzhou as residents in the  Nansha, Huadu and Conghua districts and those who have traveled through the area are ordered to undergo testing. Source

The US promises to send 750,000 coronavirus vaccine doses to Taiwan as it continues to battle the epidemic. Source

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