2 May 2021

• Globally, coronavirus cases have doubled over the last two months, with daily totals surpassing 800,000. India accounts for over 40 percent of these new cases, followed by South America (15 percent); Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay are among the top 20 countries for per capita COVID-19 deaths, while countries in Central and Eastern Europe make up half of the 20 countries with the highest per capita death rates. Source

• Nepal is facing a coronavirus crisis; over 30 percent of test results are coming back positive, hospitals have run out of space, and vaccines are in short supply. The Ministry of Health announced that “Since coronavirus cases have spiked beyond the capacity of the health system and hospitals have run out of beds, the situation is unmanageable.” Source

• A drop in coronavirus cases in Kenya  (and pressure to re-open the economy) led President Uhuru Kenyatta to loosen restrictions, although political rallies remain banned. Kenya is among the five African countries with the rates of coronavirus; it has vaccinated less than two percent of its 52 million residents. Source

• England’s National Health Service announces a plan to vaccinate children ages 12 and over when the new academic year begins. Source

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