13 March 2021

• Although nearly 350 million doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered worldwide, the New York Times reports huge disparities between countries, noting especially stark differences between North and South America (at 18 people per 100 vaccinated versus 4.9 per 100, respectively). Source
• Jordan joins Egypt, Mexico and Nigeria in suffering oxygen shortages. It has led to the death of at least seven people hospitalized with COVID-19. In February, WHO reported over a half-million people with COVID-19 needed oxygen – and shortages may affect people with other conditions. Source
• In a letter to EU Council President Charles Michel,  Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Slovenia demand an EU summit to protest uneven distribution of coronavirus vaccines in the bloc; one has already been convened on 25 and 26 March, where vaccine coordination will be discussed. Source
• China announces that travelers entering from Hong Kong who were inoculated with a domestically-produced coronavirus vaccine will face less paperwork than those who got vaccines produced in  other countries, while its state media launches a campaign to question the safety of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. Source

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