9 March 2021

Science publishes results from viral deep-sequencing of 1,313 samples from the UK which suggest that coronavirus variants that are more contagious and/or more able to elude immune responses occur infrequently – but can still spread swiftly when transmitted. SOURCE
• J & J announces that it may fall short of the 55 million dose quota set for the end of June, which may result in  delayed and smaller deliveries to the EU, which is expected to approve the vaccine on 11 March. Source
• Indonesia approves the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for emergency use. Source
• Antonio Di Naro, president of Italy’s Adienne Pharma, announces that the company plans to start production of  the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine this summer. Source
• A year after its initial lockdown, Italy reaches 100,000 coronavirus deaths – the sixth-highest total globally, and the second highest in Europe, after the UK.  Source
• Norway joins France, Germany and Sweden in clearing the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for use in people age 65 years and over. Source

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