26 November 2020

• Global coronavirus cases surpass 60 million – increasing by 10 million in only 17 days. Source
• Europe records one million coronavirus cases in just five days. Source
• Africa’s Center for Disease Control reports that coronavirus cases in many countries across the continent are increasing, including Algeria, DR Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and Tunisia. Source
• AstraZeneca admits that the half-dose strategy in its experimental coronavirus vaccine trial was due to an error, amidst criticism for lack of transparency about its experimental coronavirus vaccine – including sharing certain information only with financial analysts, pooling data from two different trials without a clear explanation, not revealing the number of infections that occurred among people who received the vaccine (although one source claims that 30 of the 131 cases occurred in people who were given the vaccine), or how effective both dosing strategies were in older people – although no one over age 55 was given the half-dose. The company plans to seek guidance from the US FDA about modifying its US trial to include the half-dose strategy, and whether to submit the current data for an EUA. AstraZeneca is also planning additional trials of the vaccine. Sources 1,2,3,4,5

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