26 August 2020

• UNICEF reports that the pandemic has left 463 million children, worldwide, without access to education, highlighting the digital divide and lack of support for teachers and caregivers. Remote learning is not available to half of the children in sub-Saharan Africa, 40% of the children in the Middle East and North Africa, 38% of the children in South Asia and 34% of the children in Eastern Europe. Sources 1,2
• Public health experts and state and local officials call the new CDC testing guidelines ‘alarming’ and ‘dangerous’, since it discourages testing among asymptomatic people although they transmit the virus, saying that it will make it more difficult to control the epidemic and conceal its extent.  Source
• Some federal officials report that members of Trump administration pressured the CDC to change its testing guidelines. Source
• The Russian Direct Investment Fund, the Government of Moscow and the Gamaleya National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology announce the launch of a 40,000-person trial of Sputnik V in Moscow. Source
• Russia announces that it will supply Kazakhstan with over two million doses of Sputnik V. Sources 1,2

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