10 November 2020

• Pfizer stock increases by 13% following their announcement; CEO Albert Bourla discloses that he made a pre-approved sale of 132,508 shares on Monday, making him $5.6 million richer. Pfizer’s head of corporate affairs, Sally Susman, sold 43,662 shares for $1.8 million. Source
• As Brazil’s coronavirus death toll – the world’s second highest – exceeds 162,000 – President Jair Bolsonaro uses a homophobic slur at a news conference, where he announced “Everyone is going to die. There is no point in escaping from that, in escaping from reality. We have to stop being a country of sissies.” Source
• Brazil suspends a trial of Sinovac’s experimental coronavirus vaccine, CoronaVac, after the October 29th death of a study participant (which was considered unrelated to the vaccine); trials continue in ongoing trials Indonesia and Turkey. Source
• Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky announces that he has tested positive for coronavirus. Source

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