13 November 2020

• As coronavirus cases surge in Indonesia, President Joko Widodo announces that the country has made plans for a national mass vaccination campaign, pending approval from its regulatory agency, BPOM. Source
• Over 1 in 400 people in the US test positive for coronavirus within a week, as daily cases top 181,000 and the hospitalization rate exceeds 68,500. – yet ten states do not require masks and six more only require them sometimes. Source
• Microsoft reports additional evidence that Russian – and now North Korean- hackers (known as Strontium or Fancy Bear and Lazarus Group, respectively) continue trying to steal information about COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, targeting pharmaceutical corporations in the Canada, France, India South Korea, and the US. Source
• The Sea Dream 1, the first cruise ship to return to the Caribbean since March, prematurely ends its voyage in Barbados as at least seven passengers test positive, despite requirements that all passengers produce two negative test results, undergo intensive screening before boarding, remain in “bubbles” throughout the trip and avoid contact during docking (at secluded locations) -although masks were not required on board. Source 1,2

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