We seek to make antiretroviral drugs more affordable by removing barriers to market competition.

High prices exclude people from HIV treatment

The high price of antiretroviral drugs means many people in middle-income countries cannot get the treatment they need. Our four focus countries all pay more than US$3,000 per patient, per year, for essential second and third-line regimens of antiretroviral drugs. Governments in middle-income countries have to cover these costs themselves, with little support from international donors.

Unwarranted patents keep prices high

Pharmaceutical companies can charge high prices as they have secured patents to prevent competition from generic manufacturers. While some patents are valid, often they are unmerited. In some cases, the price is up to fifty times higher than the lowest available generic prices.

Our interventions to make medicines affordable

We have four key strategies to make medicines more affordable. See summaries of our strategies and follow the links below.