GSIPA2M Day 3: Closing Plenary – a radical agenda?

Presentations from the Global Summit on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines. Day 3, Closing Plenary: Patents and access to medicines: A radical agenda?

Babalwa Malgas, Cancer Alliance, South Africa, presented on IP barriers in SA, and paid tribute to her friend Tobeka Daki who lost her battle with cancer.

Othoman Mellouk, ITPC, Morocco, gave a closing speech saying: “I do not believe that we are discussing is a radical agenda in reality. It is a REALISTIC agenda. The experiences of two decades of TRIPS are harsh. The flexibilities are bandages on a fundamentally flawed and broken system… As we leave Marrackech where the global trade rules of the TRIPS Agreement were brought to bear on us, we must think of turning our principles into actions and work for a stronger international and national rights framework for a paradigm shift… pharma greed is not justified in any country – high income, middle income or low income or in any disease.”

Jorge Bermudez, UN High Level Panel on Access to Medicines.

Michelle Childs, DNDi.

German Velasquez, South Centre, Switzerland.