GSIPA2M Day 2: Roundtable 2 – Local production and technology transfer

Presentations from the Global Summit on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines. Day 2, Roundtable 2 – Local production and technology transfer.

Yasser Fayed, Pharco Egypt, presented on: Why local production is important: examples and voices of local producers.

Mia Lahlou Filali, Pharma5, Morocco.

Ellen t’Hoen, Global Health Unit, University Medical Centre Groningen, Medicines Law & Policy, presented on: Can TRIPS flexibilities support local production: Evidence from the use of TRIPS flexibilities in the procurement of medicines 2001-2016. The research will be published soon. See Medicines Law and Policy, or follow t’ Hoen on twitter for news and highlights of the research.

Jorge Bermudez, UN High Level Panel on Access to Medicines.

Nimit Tienudom, AIDS Access Foundation, Thailand, presented on: Government production, see an infographic from AIDS Access for more info. Who’s benefitting from the abuse of Thailand’s patent system and how.

Padmashree Gehl Sampath, UN Conference on Trade and Development.