GSIPA2M Day 2: Plenary 3 – Leaving TRIPS behind

Presentations from the Global Summit on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines. day 3, Plenary 3: Leaving TRIPS behind: Understanding and resisting TRIPS-plus measures.

Daniel R. Pinto, Counselor, Intellectual Property Division, Brazilian Ministry of Foereign Relations, presented on: Negiating on behalf of developing countries.
If you would like to see a copy of the presentation please email Pinto at:

Loon Gangte, ITPC, and Founder and Treasurer of the Delhi Network of HIV Positive People (DNP+), presented on: Trading out our lives. Read more about DNP+ here.

Mohammed Said Saadi, Economist and Former Minister, Morocco, presented on: Are there health and human rights concerns in trade deals? A perspective from the Mediterranean Region.

Javier Llamoza, AIS, Peru, presented on: TPP: The People’s Resistance. Read more about AIS here.

Lorena di Giano, FGEP, Argentina.

Marcela Vieira, Brazil.

Oksana Kashyntseva, National Institute on Intellectual Property, Ukraine.

Sergey Konratyuk, All Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV.

Mohammed El Said, Lancashire Law School, UCLAN, UK.