GSIPA2M Day 1: Plenary 2 – The role of civil society

Presentations from the Global Summit on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines. Day 1, Plenary 2: The role of civil society in the TRIPS flexibilities implementation.

Fifa Rahman, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Leeds and Alternate Board Member for NGOs, UNITAID, presented on: The role of civil society in issuing compulsory licenses (CLs): the case of the Malaysia Hep C CL. Read more, including a quote from Rahman here.

Tahir Amin, I-MAK, USA.

Lotti Rutter, TAC, South Africa.

Pedro Villardi, ABIA, Brazil.

Gaelle Krikorian, IRIS, France.

Lynette Mabote, ARASA, presented on: Community capacity building on intellectual property (IP) and access to medicines: Challenges and successes. Read more about ARASA’s work here.