GSIPA2M Day 1: Plenary 1 – Two decades of TRIPS

Presentations from Plenary 1 at the 2018 Global Summit on Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines: Return to Marrakech: Two decades of TRIPS and access to medicines.

Dr Andrew Hill, University of Liverpool, UK.

Brook Baker, Health GAP, USA.

Dr Salmah Bahri, Ministry of Health, Malaysia, gave a presentation on the ministry’s decision to issue a compulsory license of hey Hep C drug, sofosbuvir. Read more about Malaysia’s historic decision here.

Allan Maleche, KELIN, Kenya.

Marumo Nkomo joined via a livestream, discussing patent law reform in South Africa. Nkomo is the Southern African representative on the Executive Committee to the African Network of International Economic Law. Read more about the Network.

German Velasquez, South Centre, Switzerland.

Lorena di Giano, FGEP, Argentina, presented on: Are the TRIPS flexibilities enough: A community perspective. Find out more about FEGP’s work here.