Take action: Big Pharma – Drop the Case!

Argentina and Brazil tightened up their laws to protect public health – as a result pharmaceutical companies are suing these countries.

That’s right, giant multinational corporations are suing governments for using their right to protect public health. Profits must not come before people’s lives.

We’re poised to take action and fight ‘Big Pharma’ in the courts in Argentina and Brazil any time now. When that happens we’ll need to mobilise – and fast.

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Watch now: What Big Pharma would like your help to get away with!

Why are people dying when the life-saving drugs they need could be made available at affordable prices?

The bullying tactics employed by Big Pharma means that only their drugs, with outrageous price tags, are the ones sold. They do this by first obtaining unmerited patents whenever and wherever they can get away with it, and then abusing their monopoly to push the prices up to an absurd level. This quickly eats up health budgets — and so many people go without treatment.
The consequences are devastating.

We’re taking a stand with our partners, ABIA and F-GEP, who launched the campaign, and we need you to join us in urging Big Pharma to “Drop the Case!”.

Add your voice!

When the case comes to court and we urgently need to take action we may have only 1 or 2 days to act, for example to sign a petition or email key influencers.

We need a loyal supporter base, which can spring into action at the right time.

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More information

Download our Drop the Case factsheet for more details, and watch the film Big Pharma – Drop the Case in Argentina! below (6:18 mins). Watch our films in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Russian on YouTube.